I’m a Basque Country journalist with wanderlust. I like to explore the world as thoroughly as I like to explore my own country.


Thanks to my work as correspondent in Paris and Beijing, and as special envoy worldwide, I’ve been in a lot of places all over our planet.

I started off exploring the world at 16, when I went to the United States as an exchange student. The year I spent in Dodge City (Kansas), where I went through high school, changed my life forever. I’m eternally grateful to my mother and father, Josefina and Gustavo, for helping me to spread my wings.

I like living out authentic adventures when I travel, whether it’s for business or pleasure. Authenticity is exactly what I seek to offer you in my walks around the Basque Country.

A culture that arouses curiosity

My travels have made me aware of the interest aroused by the Basque Country and its culture. People are always asking me about the mysterious origins of the Basques and of our language, Euskera, which is Europe’s oldest. They’re also interested in our world-class gastronomy and its traditions, such as the popular winter gatherings at cider houses.

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Surprising traditions

I´m constantly asked about a Basque Country independent from Spain and France, which part of Basque society yearns for. And they’re also curious about its famous stone-lifters or the irrintzis, the powerful yells we Basques may let loose at celebrations to express a deep feeling, usually joy. When I’m specifically asked about them, I just go ahead and do one myself, if the situation lends itself. And it’s at that point when a lot of people tell me they definitely want to come to the Basque Country.

Listen to my irrintzis, used in a doctoral thesis

On the road and rock ‘n’ roll

Aware of the authenticity and the cultural and natural gems with which my country is blessed, and of how much I love to share knowledge with people, I created Walk on the Basque Side to devise and carry out guided tours around the Basque Country for anyone who wants a genuine experience. I gave my project this name by way of homage to Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side, a song I love, because it matches what attracts me about the things you discover when you travel.

I’ve got a plan for you


You tell me you want to see around the Basque Country, and I’ll come up with a route for you to see it, and fully understand it. I’ll be there to guide you, and make you feel just as much at home as a Basque does.

To make a start on creating your experience, I suggest you take a look at My Walks, a few ideas to guide you based on classic routes around the Basque Country. And I also recommend you explore the Inspirations section, my blog on Basque culture, nature and curiosities.

I’m a member of Interpret Europe, the European Association for Heritage Interpretation. If you want to know more about me, you can also visit my professional website. Get in touch with me, and let’s make a start on planning your Walk on the Basque Side together.