An exciting country just waiting to be explored

Want to check out the genuine Basque Country, well off the beaten track?

This country contains some true natural and cultural gems, which even many Basques don’t know about. I’ll take you to them. Not only is the Basque Country my home, but I also have the most privileged insight to its secrets thanks to my other profession.

My name is Vanessa Sánchez

Basque television journalist. I’ll be your exclusive guide to the most typical locations where you can feel, taste, smell, hear and understand the Basque Country a little better.

Unforgettable routes

The Basque Country is a modern land which is proud of its roots. This means some very different, complementary plans can be made. When we draw up your itinerary, we’ll bear in mind both traditional celebrations and the present agenda.

Make yourself at home

You might be on holiday or on a business trip, and you want to fill in your spare time with a little getaway. I adapt to whatever you need. You set the pace of your trip, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make you feel at home, just like a Basque.

Epic days

The Basque Country is so small, with so much variety that many different environments can be experienced in just one day. For example, you could be by the sea in the morning, trekking mountains at noon, and in the La Rioja vineyards by early evening.

Your host

I know my country very well indeed and, like any good journalist, I like being with people. So if you like we can chat to people here and there, for a total immersion in Basque culture. When you’re travelling, sometimes it’s not so easy to connect with the locals. But with me you’ll be in the best possible company to gain access to them, and bring about a wonderful cultural exchange.

Ideas for a customised route

Take a look at my walks, and let’s see where we could start

If you like, you can start by drawing some inspiration from my walks: a few suggestions to give you an idea, based on classic routes around the Basque Country. They might, or might not, be the starting point for the route we’ll create just for you. So I recommend you check out the Inspirations section. It’ll be a big help in finding ideas to map out your exclusive itinerary.

Are you ready?

Take a walk on the Basque Side!